What's up with 'Pinoy Time'?

What is Pinoy Time? - It's being late for hours. For instance, 7pm translates to 9pm or even later!

Now, if you're one of them who does Pinoy Time or would want to understand why do Filipinos do it? I suggest you keep reading!

Having this term in existence simply shows that it's a worldwide thing. The term was actually 'coined by the Americans in the 1990s because they were irritated by the lack of punctuality of Filipinos' (Tan, 2016). One of the biggest reasons is due to the traffic in the Philippines. If you're no stranger to our country, you should know that traffic is still a serious issue there that makes it difficult for people to show up on time.

BUT why does it still happen in Hong Kong?

What's the rush?

Many of us think that there's no rush in showing up early as everyone else won't show up on time anyway. In other words, we don't like to wait too long. Hence, what's the point of showing up on time just to wait for others? We think it's better to show up when everyone's present, so no time wasted.

A deep-rooted culture

It's not something we should be proud of but it has been so deeply embedded in our culture that we think it's a kind of branding so it's ok to do so. We kind of think that others should just accept it because we're pinoys and tardiness is in our blood. Orrrr is this just an excuse for our laziness? >.<

'I'll show up, which is more important' mindset

We don't think that you need to fuss as long as we show up anyway. We tend to think that ultimately showing up is more important than showing up on time. Why so? Because we still made an effort to come!


Once you have hung out together and you know that someone is a regular pinoy timer, it'll inevitably spread. What's the point of making it on time when you know that the others won't anyway? Thus, the crippling effect.

How does this make others feel?


We know our friends love us regardless but our tardiness can make one feel unimportant. The lack of showing up on time just shows your lack of commitment to the plan. Effort still means everything and in the city of convenient transportation, there's no excuse!

Unmotivated to make huge plans

Once they know that you follow filipino time regularly, they'll just lose the motivation to make plans with you or put effort into plans. This is kind of sad for someone who likes to organise fun events or activities with you. If they can't rely on you to show up on time, then they'd just rather not put any effort as well.

Anxiety when it comes to the big plans

When it comes to weddings, birthdays, travel or tour plans, it could cause anxiety to the planner. The fact that he/she may have to worry about his/her guests showing up on time for the very special event or important travel or tour plan is really not a good sign. In some cases, it causes arguments which just totally wastes time and energy.

What can be done?

Personally, it's difficult to rid of something that it so deeply embedded in the culture. However, I still hope for change because it really does affect our reputation as Filipinos, especially to those who are actually punctual and thoughtful! Also, think of others more for a change? We don't have to carry this on to our future generation.

Reference: https://medium.com/@btantheman/why-filipinos-follow-filipino-time-d38e2c162927

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