How I went from 52kg to 46kg in 4-5 months!

I'm no trainer nor an expert in fitness and health. My weight loss journey is a combination of self-research, advice from friends and dedication!

Back in July 2018, I weighed 52 kg. For a 5ft1 girl, even though I was still under the 'normal weight' range, it was easy for other people to notice my weight gain; I looked chubbier. In all my life, I never went over 50kg! The most I weighed in the past was 48kg so being 52kg hit a whole new record.

I used to be someone who would NEVER gain weight no matter what I ate. Yet, when I hit 26, my metabolism betrayed me and the fats just started planting their homes in my body with all the other mini-fats.

It was difficult to fit into my clothes; I used to have trouble deciding what to wear because all of them would just have my tummy bulging out! It was frustrating. So, I knew what I had to do: eat clean and workout. But we all know that it's difficult to just suddenly transition from being a free eater to a controlled one.

July 2018

It all started when me and two of my best friends decided to have a weight loss challenge. We had a month to see who would lose the most weight. This was a BIG HELP for me to get started. We all did different things, I did Shaun T's T-25 Program It's a 60-day home workout program that is guaranteed to give you weight loss and tone. I strictly followed the calendar (5-day workout for only 25 minutes) along with eating healthily. After a month, I lost 3kg so I hit 48kg at this point. We couldn't continue on our challenge because one had to leave Hong Kong for good.

August 2018

I still tried to continue the program but I was slowly getting back into unhealthy eating. Mind you, I was still on summer vacay so there were many days when I would skip the workout ><. It wasn't until the end of August that I decided to join the gym. Why? I couldn't dedicate myself to the home workout as much so I thought if I paid for a membership, it would motivate me more.

September 2018

I joined Physical Fitness (Yuen Long) for a membership of $5040 for 3 years ($140 per month). I just did the basics at first, mostly just running on the thread mill as cardio was my main concern. After a week or so, I decided to try the free trainer trial that comes with the membership. I had no plans in signing up for a trainer or whatever, I just wanted to know what the trainer would say and make me do that I could learn from.

We did the weight-check, I was at 47kg. After that, they made me do some usual rundowns like sit ups and such and I tried some of the equipment there. After 30 mins, I was brought to a room and the trainer and I had a "talk". It was mainly about what my goal was and how a trainer could help me. Just then, it dawned on me that it was more of a 'trainer sales talk' than an actual training session. Eventually, they got me hooked, the weakling that I am. Lol! I signed up for 30+ sessions.

September 2018 to present

My stats since I started in September.

I have been training ever since then, now at 46kg (Jan 2019 stats). Do I regret signing up for a trainer? Surprisingly no. I am sure that you all are aware that having one isn't cheap at all, but I think of it more of an investment for my fitness and health. If I could spend a lot on drinking and expensive Uber back then, I shouldn't mind paying for my well-being. Especially knowing myself, I need force to push me. Having one pushed me a lot especially during lazy days.

I admire those who can push themselves when it comes to working out and I have tried (in the past too, trust me). Unless you got trainer friends to help you or your will is strong enough that you don't need one, it's worth it to get one for yourself.

When did I change my diet?

If you notice from the pic above, I went from 47 to a 48 in October. My trainer asked me how my diet was. At this time, I started eating whatever I could again, especially the school term just started so whenever I felt stressed, I ate sugary treats. He warned me that I had to put both exercise and food into the equation. If I was gonna be serious with toning, I had to alter my diet. That was the start of a change.

Along with my diet, I take L-Carnitine and CLA. There are two versions of L-Cartinine. I used to take the liquid version (there's peach and blueberry).Now, I'm trying the capsules. I take them twice a day. The main function of L-Carnitine is to transfer fat into energy so it works best if you have a regular workout routine. CLA is a compliment to cartinine, it helps with fat burn as well. I take that 3 times a day after every meal. It works best with a healthy diet. I have been taking this since September. It works well for me.

I used to take Scitec Mega Carni-X (L-Cartinine). It worked great for me too.

If you're aiming to lose weight and you do start going to the gym again or perhaps getting a trainer, don't stop once you've reached your goal. Working out is more of a lifestyle rather than a short-term goal.

If you can't afford to get a trainer, that is totally fine! I highly recommend doing home workouts, Shaun T's Insanity Program or T-25 is GUARANTEED to give you results in a short period of time. It's easy to follow as it provides you with a calendar to follow through.

Other useful ways:

1) Challenge your friends and have a bet

2) Be resourceful

3) If you have friends who are into fitness & health, talk to them!

4) Write down your goals or have a dream board!

5) Buy an outfit that you can't fit into now and work towards that!

6) Get a workout buddy

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