Get married in Hong Kong for just under $100,000? Of course, possible!

I'm not talking about just having a civil wedding then lunch/dinner at a restaurant, I'm talking about having a church wedding and a decent reception!

For many Filipinos, when we think of getting married in Hong Kong, we immediately think na, 'ayy dito ang mahal!' (it's so expensive here!). It's true (naman), averagely, people in Hong Kong spend around $300,000 up to half a million at least! So, many resort to having a wedding in the Philippines instead, I don't blame them though! For that amount, you can have a grand wedding!

My Wedding

I got married in 2017 and I spent no more than $140,000 (hkd) for everything! You can spend even lower than this. To start off, here's my wedding video:

1. Church & Reception

Church - St. Jude's Church (North Point)

- Most churches only allow you to use them 1 year prior the wedding, but St. Jude allows 6 months prior. So, if you're looking to get married as quick as possible, I recommend this church. Churches don't really 'charge' you for using their space, instead they require a 'donation' ($1000 for us).

Reception - The Mariner's Club (Tsim Sha Tsui)

- This was recommended to me by my friend and to be honest, not too shabby for a budget wedding.

Charges: Hire & Av Equipment $10,000

Lunch buffet: $200 per head (min 60 people)

So, depending on your number of guests, the minimum you can spend here is only $22,000! Not too shabby, right???

Reception Decorations

- I had Free Concept Wedding Decoration spice up my reception area! You can choose not to have this if you want to keep it simple or you're really under a tight budget but if you got a little extra to spend, you can hire them for your deco! We got a package deal for around $12,000 (backdrop, cake table, reception, entrance glass deco and flowers).

My entrance balloon deco was from Idea Mia Party Decoration. The owner is my best friend actually, but she charges reasonably :). The balloon deco was $500.

Centrepieces were done by Peony Wedding Floral Design. Each costs $212.50.

My cash gift box was done by F.e.l.t. hk (ig) and the calligraphy was done by Jessica Mangalino.

2. Bridesmaids & Groomsmen' outfit

Now, this is entirely up to you but since I was on a budget wedding, I did not spend this for them. You can think of this as their gift to you.

The dresses cost around $350 and the suits cost around $1200. Again, this is entirely up to you if you want to pay for them or not, but I'm sure that your bridesmaids and groomsmen would be more than happy to help you out and tell them you'd do the same when it's their turn! That's what they're there for in the first place anyway (to make things easier for you)! I would also suggest that you choose the ones who you know will really be of a help throughout the whole process, it's not just for the album.

You may think that I had a lot, but each of them contributed and I honestly wouldn't have pulled it off without their help, especially that I don't have a wedding planner! So again, it's your choice but make the right choice ;)

3. HMUA (hair and make-up artist)

I had Carrie Ang Art & Make up as my HMUA! You can visit her Facebook Page directly!

Facebook: Carrie Ang Art & Makeup

I spent $3670 (2 images for 3 hours but she actually stayed until my ceremony was over which was around 5 hours, and she didn't charge me extra). On a side note, I would also recommend TheidealBridesmaid (instagram) for make-up :) Check her out!

I had to hire a make-up artist because I really don't do make-up myself, so if you actually do your own make-up, you can just possible cut the cost of hiring and do it yourself.

4. Photographer & Videographer

I had One Snap Photography / Photobooth Hong Kong for my photographer. He did my prenup photos with make-up artist + wedding photos + photobooth. You can check his Facebook page :) He provided a very reasonable package deal (all under $10,000). Photographers can really charge a ridiculous amount, glad I was recommended One Snap.

I had Videojesus Mart Sarmiento do my video but he now has his own partnership venture Knowstate.

5. Wedding Cake & Giveaways

I had Amazeparlor do my cake for $2550. And the cake was AMAZEBALLS!!! I highly recommend her!!! Check her instagram out :)

Instagram: Amazeparlour

My giveaway was a photo keychain and I just found the maker on Carousell. I had 110 keychains made for $990.

6. The Wedding Dress

Initially, I was planning to wear just one wedding dress for both the ceremony and the reception but I was fortunate enough to have my maid of honour surprise me and bought me my wedding dress for the ceremony. So, I ended up having two dresses. It's up to you if you want two dresses but I found mine on Carousell for around $350! Most brides resort to renting a dress for the same amount but for me, I get to keep it!

Here's a good view of the dress I got from Carousell! It's really a good platform for dresses as many sell dresses they've used ONCE for a photoshoot so mostly the quality is good!

All in all

If you're thrifty like me, feel free to check out my recommendations! How did I manage to find these affordable finds? I like to explore a lot and I highly recommend Carousell !! A lot can be found there for weddings!

Also, connections! I happen to have highly talented Filipino friends from calligraphy to make-up to photography and videography! 50% of the above are actually my friends and their work like Idea Mia Party Decoration, TheidealBridesmaid, Mart Sarmiento (Knowstate), F.e.l.t. hk & Jessica Mangalino.

Hope this helps potential and current brides-to-be out there! If you have any other questions on things that I've spent that I haven't mentioned here, feel free to chat or email :) More than happy to help out!

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