Who is Ms. Ranelyn'?


Name: Ranelyn P. De Leon

Location: Yuen Long

Education: The Hong Kong Education of University (2014) 

Degree: Bachelor of Education (Secondary English)

Credentials: LPATE certified

Foreign Language Experiences: University of Wollongong (Australia) and Butler University (United States)

I'm a pure Filipina born and raised in Hong Kong. I studied in an EMI secondary school catering to ethnic minorities and took English in University. 

It's my 5th year as a Native English Teacher in a local band one secondary school. Prior to my current job, I taught in a learning center for 2 years catering to children aged 3-12 years old. 

My main subjects taught are English, Oral and Literature for ESL students. Besides teaching, I am part of the English Environment Committee which focuses on enriching the English Environment in school. I take part in organizing and planning English activities to increase authentic language exposure for local students. Aside from this, I am a form coordinator which requires planning, scheduling and guiding fellow form teachers in completing the school syllabus. Furthermore, I also plan and formulate suitable teaching methods to ensure students get to learn in the most efficient and effective way (i.e. planning school-based materials). 

Professional work aside, I enjoy music and media very much. During my free time, I spend time editing vlog videos. I love singing and dancing as a hobby. I also take a huge interest in entrepreneurship, in fact, I am currently working on a project with a partner which is expected to launch this year. 

Why am I offering tutoring services?

Having worked in a school for this long, it has come to my attention that students still don't have the time to digest every piece of information taught in a classroom. Due to time constraints, students still find it hard to catch up in class. Hence, my goal is to provide help to these students until they clearly understand the concepts. (e.g. English grammar is never a black and white concept, there are so many exceptions in which school teachers don't have the time to teach everything in detail)

What lessons do I offer?

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